How Your Customers Hold The Key To Business Growth


The customer has always been right in the eyes of a business and in the highly visible world that social media and the internet have created, it’s even more crucial that we embrace this.

But how do we know what the providers of our livelihood want?

If we’re always aiming to please and delight our customers, the key is to let them know just how valued they are. But to do this, we need to know what they ultimately want – right?

  • Offering discounts to customers who are more interested in a personal service will fall on deaf ears.
  • Spending extra time or emotional investment on a customer who ultimately wants a financial benefit will reap zero rewards.
  • Investment in super sleek premises and decor will be totally ignored by a fair chunk of your more ‘personal touch’ based clientele.

Any business knows that we are essentially here to find out what our customers like – and do more of it. Simple!

So here’s a few suggestions on how knowing more than your customers’ name and spend will provide a really strong foundation for your business structure:

Invest In New Products Confidently

In the fast paced environment we’re in, new products are always being launched and developed. Knowing which ones are popular rather than using guesswork will really enhance an additional revenue stream which is often far under utilised. Not only will your customers be happy that you have a range they’re actually interested in, but if you can using a personal language such as ‘I knew you liked XYZ so I’ve ordered this product in for you too’ really speaks to them as a person too.

Create A Happier Team 

Whilst the focus here is on the client, let’s not forget the cornerstones of your business – your team members. Coming to work knowing they can look forward to a customer centric experience and play their part in providing what customers want, is a very different place to a customer conveyor belt. If your team know what your customers want, they’ll love the feeling of providing that. They’ll feel as valued as your customers do, which will in turn bring the customers running back time and time again – probably asking for specific team members too – let’s share that love!

Customer Insight

This is one of the biggies – feedback. Not wanting to sound gloomy but it’s what will make or break your business – get it right and you’re literally smiling with them – all the way to the bank. Get it wrong and your business is in a whole heap of firefighting.

There’s more to it than just asking your clients if they’re happy with their re-style today though. We’re a very polite nation! If we ask customers face to face for feedback, it may well be a pleasant experience but it’s unlikely to show where you can tweak or improve your offering. Providing an outlet which encourages customers to provide honest feedback is essential if we want the truth.

Customer Referrals

Imagine that for every happy client you have, another one magically appears. How amazing would that be? And more to the point, how much easier would that make the growth of your business? It would definitely take the bulk of legwork out of your marketing activity too and let’s face it – that’s always a bonus!

Encouraging or incentivising your customers to share their experience with others and recommend you is the best way of capitalising on all your hard work. If you’ve gone to all the effort of making sure your customers feel like they’re the best customer in the world, it’s only fair that they share how fabulous you are 😉

These all make it sound so easy to run your salon don’t they? But we all know the reality is that you’re often spinning lots of plates, so to stop any of them to pick your customers brains isn’t realistic.

It’s for this very reason that Trebbly exists. By having a designated terminal just for them, it focuses purely on your customer sharing their thoughts on their experience with you without feeling awkward when you ask them directly!

You can find out more here on how you can add Trebbly to your business.