What Your Customers Really Think About Your Salon

Your first reaction to reading this title will actually be quite a revealing one. If you are on top of everything in your salon, you possibly don’t feel that you have anything to worry about. If you are not quite running the tight ship that you’d like to be, then maybe this heading doesn’t feel too nice to think about.

Here’s why knowing what your customers actually think will not only help you emotionally but will definitely affect your bottom line.

Before we go there though – let’s play a little game, shall we?

Ask yourself “What do I think my customers would give my salon as an overall score out of 10?” and write that score down with a date on it.

Now – back to how being in the know will help your business….

You Will Know Just How Great You Are

If your clients have the ability to be truly honest with you about your services, this insight is information you can put to use. Efficient business growth can happen when you know what you’re doing well and just do more of it.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But working within this remit IS simple – all you need is the information to work out what you’re currently doing well.

Giving your clients an outlet to be honest using Trebbly is powerful for your business. Knowing exactly where you’re providing an outstanding experience for your client is something tangible to work with.

You Will Know Just How Awful You Are

Said with love of course! At the other end of the spectrum of being great, we have that you may be falling far short of what your clients expect from you. You’re probably not remotely awful, but imagine if you were and didn’t know until it’s too late to recover from?

As scary as this may seem, negative feedback is also really powerful and gives you something to work with.

If you give your team regular appraisals, you’ll understand that constructive criticism is needed if staff are going to learn and grow. They actually feel good when they’ve deliberately improved something.

When you have this information in the palm of your hand, you have a true picture of where your business is currently heading and more importantly, what can be improved upon to enhance the overall experience you offer to your clients.

Trebbly Is The Benefit Of Hindsight – You Will Be Given Answers

Being in business is ultimately about finding a need and putting a solution to it. Give enough people exactly what they want, and you have a successful business.

Working out what people want isn’t quite so simple without a vehicle to reliably collect that information though. Guesswork or trial and error are great for minor tweaks, but if they underpin your entire business model, that’s an expensive way of operating.

Having Trebbly on board for your clients to provide honest feedback regularly is worth its weight in gold. If you’re wondering why you have quieter periods, busier periods, why sales dipped, why sales peaked – you won’t need to use Trebbly for long before you spot patterns within the information you have and will know exactly what has impacted on your business.

Your Customers Will Know You Really DO Want The Truth

When your customers see that feedback suggestions are implemented regularly, they will realise you are actually listening to them and that you really do want to know the truth.

There are too many opportunities for people to give feedback for the hell of it now, and it’s quite a hollow experience for all involved. With Trebbly, your clients will understand just how important their feedback is to you.

It is really hard to engage with your clients on a one-to-one level to get the same level of honesty out of them. Most good people don’t like to give negative feedback, so that is one obstacle you are removing by offering them a platform to give feedback which may not always be positive but is definitely needed. Conversely. it’s great to know that when given the opportunity to be brutally honest, your feedback was great so you’re doing something right. You can unashamedly get the Prosecco out!

You Create An Inclusive Experience

When offering a service to your customers, it is really easy for it to become an ‘us and them’ experience. This can make it even trickier to ask for honest feedback or insight as to what your customers love about your services, because it can all feel very contrived.

It’s great to recommend somewhere and see a friend act upon that advice, but when you and your clients see that the regular interaction, they have on their personal Trebbly account is really building up, they will enjoy being an integral part of your success.

It also heightens the ‘what is working well’ message – knowing what your clients are loving and giving them more of it is a recipe for success.

Now you’ve read through those posts, has your score out of 10 changed at all?

More importantly – and we kind of say this with tongue in cheek – how confident are you that your guess is correct? What is it based upon?

If you’d love to be able to confidently score your business based on actual client information, get in touch here to find out more about using Trebbly within your business too.

How To Improve Client Referrals In Just One Day?

How To Improve Client Referrals In Just One Day?

What would you do if you knew that you could get just 10% of your happy customers to refer your services to people, they know, without making them feel obligated or pressurised?

How about if you could encourage all of them to spread the word?

And there’d be absolutely no hard sell – no pushy incentivising which they are quietly tempted to back out of the door from.

One of the main reasons Trebbly was created, was to capitalise on the power of word of mouth – particularly when customers are happy to share the love anyway….

Everyone Of Your Happy Customers Is A Walking Advert…

Unless people specifically ask, it doesn’t always occur to us to share that we had a great service somewhere. Hair and beauty treatments are a slightly different ball game. If your customer has had a great haircut and colour for instance, it’s going to get noticed – it’s visibly obvious. This is such a huge opportunity, but you can’t exactly say to them ‘tell everyone who asks how great we are’ can you??

However,… having a referral scheme where your clients can earn extra treatments for every person who books in using their recommendation, is a far more subtle way of doing the very same thing. Each time they are complimented on their ‘new do’ not only will they feel great at the compliment, but they can share the good feelings by recommending you too and earning a new treat for themselves in the process.

Make It Much Easier To Refer You…

Trebbly makes it so easy to track the referrals your clients are making. If you’re operating a loyalty scheme of any kind, it can become cumbersome to manage if it isn’t done online. You’ll need to use special codes to trace who recommended what product to which client… put end dates on incentives… clients need to bring in cards which need stamping… all of that is far too much to manage easily.

That significantly reduces how successful it will be – even the most enticing of freebies will seem like too much effort for your customers. Trebbly easily keeps track of your customer referrals and lets your customers know exactly how close they are to receiving their chosen free treatments. Once they see how easy it is to get pampered for free, they’ll not stop talking about you!

Start Earning From Day One…

We chose our title for a reason. When you have the protracted loyalty schemes we mentioned, it can seem like an eternity to your clients before they receive any incentives. With Trebbly they will see that they are earning their goodies straight away. Just one referral from them will register on their personal account instantly and they’ll be able to see they’ve earned part of their chosen treatment already.

If you let your clients know this when you first install Trebbly, you could generate some serious activity around your salon and milk the publicity with one big ‘sharefest’. Clients could be discussing all the great free treatments they’re choosing which will create such a fantastic buzz for your salon.

It’s Something Different In More Ways Than One…

Trebbly takes such a different approach to other referral schemes as it is such a personalised platform. Through offering such a highly branded experience and the ability to tailor it to offer all of your products and services, your clients are in no doubt of the quality and range of your salon. But it will also offer a highly personalised service too.

Being able to track all of their own purchases and the rewards they are earning, will make them really feel a part of your brand and happy to help you grow. They’ll love trying new treatments which they may not have tried before instead of ‘more of the same’ incentives which are commonplace in salons. Instead of being offered an 11th free haircut when they buy 10 – which is something they’re already happy to pay for – they can play around with what they can earn and actually feel like they had something different for a change i.e. a treat!

If you’re creative, you can obviously encourage referrals from your clients, but having Trebbly in place will make that process so much easier and more visible. With Trebbly, the more referrals the better for everyone, so if you’d like to look at how to offer Trebbly to your customers too, get in touch here.

Add manual points, access reviews & more from the latest Trebbly App upgrade

We have recently made some exciting upgrades to the Trebbly App.

You may have noticed the Trebbly logo appear on the home screen of the App. This means you have the new version. If you still see BookYourLifestyle, then hop over the App store and find Trebbly in the “updates” section. Contact us at [email protected] if you would like help with that.

Here are the key changes;



You can now add reward points for your clients from the Trebbly App

This has been a popular request, and you can now add reward points for your clients from the app. Yay!

You may have a client that spends a lot, or simply deserves a “thank you”. Maybe, it’s a birthday or your client missed adding their points. Whatever the reason, you can now add points from the app.

It’s super simple too;

  • (1) Visit the “Admin” area of your app and scan in. You’ll need your manager card
  • (2) Search for your client. You will see their current points.
  • (3) Enter the additional reward points and submit. That’s it!

Do let us know what you think of this feature at [email protected].



You can now access all of your client reviews from the Trebbly App

As I’m sure you are aware, your clients can leave reviews from the Trebbly App. This is a great way of gaining feedback or testimonials for your business.

Well, you can now access those reviews direct from the Trebbly App.

Here’s how;

  • (1) Tap “Admin” from the home screen
  • (2) In the left menu you now have a button for REVIEWS
  • (3) You will see the latest 50 reviews on a web link dedicated to your business **

** Why not add this web link to your own website or and showcase your latest reviews? Let us know if you would like us to help at [email protected].



App design now includes Trebbly branding

We have made some enhancements to the admin and login areas to reflect the new Trebbly branding.

We will soon complete the mobile app upgrade too for iOS and Android and so all of our apps will complete the change from BookYourLifestyle to Trebbly.



What’s coming, just around the corner…

We are near completion of the latest upgrade to our mobile Apps.

We have received plenty of feedback from clients who use the app to scan in at your business. They have asked to see their reward points, view your reward items and be able to refer friends and leave reviews, right there from the mobile app. This is coming soon! And we will also introduce the new Trebbly branding.

Wen will communicate these changes to you soon.



Help Make Trebbly Better

We are always working to increase value in our products and will continue to add new features and improvements. If you have a burning idea or desire that you would like to see please email [email protected]

How A Client Evening or Soiree Can Grow Your Business and Motivate Your Team

Over the last decade the beauty industry has really exploded. Just a quick walk down any high street will show you a wider selection of barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons than ever before. Being part of such a thriving industry is fantastic, but it does mean that you need to be extra creative on how to stand out in that crowd.

Building a strong business isn’t just about attracting new clientele though is it? It’s also about looking after the existing customer base which have already built up.

Here’s a few pointers on how holding client evenings or soirees can create some real momentum in your business…

Clients Love Exclusivity

We all know those exaggerated movie scenes where you see A-List wannabe’s standing outside events on the red carpet because their name isn’t on the list, but the truth is that everybody likes to be included. Inviting your clients to exclusive events makes them feel valued and special – who wouldn’t want to have their name on a special guestlist? The clever thing here is that by making it clear that there is only a certain amount of people invited, it can create a feeling of scarcity which hugely increases the likelihood of the select few clambering over themselves to accept your invitation. Gotta get on that list darlings!

You Have A Captive Audience In Which To Promote Yourself

Once you have your ‘most valued’ clients in one place, it makes it far easier to engage with them. They are already aware of exactly what your salon is about – they will be familiar with your values and your plans, your USP’s and why they come back to you. Having them all present in one location is almost free licence to discuss with them what plans you have for the future.

You can subtly include clients by having chats with them in a more relaxed and intimate setting than your salon would be in the busy daytime. It makes it much easier to ask if you can rely on their support for your plans over the next year, for instance, if you’ve just spent some time sharing those plans with them in a valued capacity. If you are looking after your clients during this exclusive evening, they really won’t mind you sneaking in a few pitches throughout the night.

You Are Building On Loyalty

When your clients are included in exclusive events, this makes them feel part of something. Giving people the choice of including themselves in anything to do with your business is a silent implication of their loyalty to you. Many people aren’t aware that a smile to somebody is an unspoken communication of resonance with you. Without a single word, two people smiling at each other are simply saying that you have permission to have their attention.

Holding events for your clients, especially if they are held regularly can be a powerful communication of how valuable you are to each other just like those smiles. In one sociable move, you are building up loyalty, resonance and value which are or strong foundations on which to build a client base. Holding regular, well-planned events will further cement this as they’ll love having something to look forward to – this could also be the difference between a potential new customer choosing you over a competitor.

A Client Evening Is Free Exposure

Being part of such an aesthetically motivated industry, you can’t ignore the opportunity for social media exposure. Creating a buzz for your most valued clients to be part of, is only ever going to create a spike of interest on your social media platforms. Just imagine how many selfies your clients are going to be taking at your personalised event if they feel like they are one of the select few who were invited!

Planning ahead too and providing some branded props which your clients can include in their selfies or even giving away free branded products is really going to build up the hype for your salon. Not only will your clients feel valued by attending events like this, but your team will also love being part of one of the ‘salons with something to talk about’ which creates a longer-term sense of loyalty to your salon.

Social Events Cement Your Team

Nobody wants to go to work in a flat environment, and doing the same thing day in, day out isn’t exactly the most exciting of prospects. Holding social events which your team can be part of really creates a sense of unity that you are all working towards something together. Including your team members in the plans and letting them make suggestions or organise it, is a powerful way of letting them know that you are happy to have them there.

You can invoke a sense of trust in them through giving them additional responsibility if this is something they enjoy. Seeing a well-planned event come together and being able to thank the individuals responsible in front of everyone, will really build up their own confidence as well as loyalty towards your salon. They will love the open recognition of what they bring to the table which will really reinforce the strength of the relationships within your team and publicly show you as a thoughtful employer too.

Hopefully you can see how the benefits of getting a little creative with your plans can really strengthen your business. They say actions speak louder than words, so letting your clients know that they are at the forefront of your plans and that you truly value them through holding events especially for them is making a bold statement.

It’s this very ethos which fuelled the creation of Trebbly too. By having a designated interface where you can communicate directly with your individual clients and provide a platform on which they can openly explore and share their experiences of your services, you are making exactly the same client centric statement.

If you’d love to know more about how to transform your clients experience with you, simply get in touch here.

How To Keep Your Regular Clients Happy

When you are in the throes of running a busy salon it can be quite a challenge to actually look up from what you are doing to see the overall impact of what you are creating. We all start with the best of intentions and if you start off on the right footing, it can be quite easy to really build on this momentum.

But we also know that the reality of working in such a client centric environment can bring its own challenges. Overlook just a couple of ongoing niggles and it’s not long before you have some disgruntled customers, and without wanting to spread doom and gloom, we all know what happens when you put one bad apple into a basket of lovely healthy ones!

On the other hand, giving your clients the opportunity to give honest feedback and openly communicate with you, is not only a great way of making them feel valued, but it’s also an ongoing opportunity to find out where there’s room for improvement.

Here’s how Trebbly can help you to keep your valued regulars coming back…

Trebbly Creates A Sense Of Inclusion

Our blog next week will talk about how valuable it can be to your salon’s reputation to hold client evenings and promote them well. Trebbly is a mini version of this as having the Trebbly interface in place is a clear indicator that you want your clients to be able to share their thoughts and suggestions. It’s like the modern day suggestion box where your clients feel really listened to.

Offering Trebbly to your clients every time they visit you is like a meeting of two minds. You are letting your clients know that you are actively encouraging them to be a part of the overall ethos of your business and genuinely want to know what they’d love to see more of in the services you offer. Imagine your clients coming into your salon to see you’ve implemented one or two of their suggestions – they’ll absolutely love being valued as well as being able to take credit for the idea.

Trebbly Keeps Your Clients In The Loop

Going back to how busy we all are running our salons, if you don’t have any extra time within your appointments to really chat to your clients, you are missing opportunities to keep them up-to-date on new services or products which you have. These are missed sales opportunities and let’s be honest – if you are running a busy salon this is likely to be the case.

It’s easy to say that you have a captive audience while your client is sitting in the chair having their hair styled for instance, but it isn’t good etiquette to be pitching to a client who can’t go anywhere. Having your full catalogue of new and existing products within Trebbly as well as any events or promotions which are coming up, means that your customers can check it all out at their own leisure. This also means you can focus purely on looking after your clients in the hot seat, instead of kicking yourself that you forgot to invite them to an upcoming event you’d love them to attend!

Trebbly Increases Sales Because You KNOW Your Clients Want The Products

We covered that Trebbly keeps your clients in the loop on what is coming up in your business as it’s a great way of sharing anything you wish them to know about. Our days absolutely disappear on us in a busy business, so this is a useful way of making sure that you know your clients are always informed of any improvements or services which you offer. You can let them know of changes you’re making especially if they have been requested by your clients.

Where this converts well though, is that we all know the upsell is a valuable part of your bottom line so this is a really powerful way of boosting your revenue. Giving clients the chance to really explore the products you have and actively ask for anything they can’t currently see on offer, is a great way of seeing what’s actually popular. Removing the guesswork from the upsell will directly impact on how well your additional products and services are selling and putting the power into your customers hands is the only way to execute this really well.

Trebbly Is An Extremely Visible Thank You

In a world where reviews and feedback are almost mined from a business point of view, we felt that this was totally skewed and wanted to flip it around. A key factor in Trebbly being created, was that it’s all about letting the client feel as important to you as they are. If you enjoy your clients, you honestly want them to love how your service made them feel and not because you want their shiny five stars.

If clients are actively recommending your services, you’ll want to acknowledge this, say thank you, encourage it – but all genuinely. And no pun intended but we felt that offering a free 6th haircut for this doesn’t make the cut! Actively encouraging a new experience with you such as trying a new treatment, will feel like it actually reflects the thank you you’re giving to them and rewarding your customers for referrals very visibly. How amazing will they feel when they’ve had a fab new treatment on the house?? It’s a very different place to just handing them a freebie that’s for sure!

Trebbly Creates A Sense Of Community

Knowing that they are encouraged to share your services with their friends and peers and earn their own rewards as a thank you, is a powerful motivator in clients talking about you. It’s quite tricky (aka impossible!) to carry off saying to a client ‘don’t forget to tell absolutely everyone who might like our services all about us’ without sounding needy! But this is ultimately what we all want.

If your clients are happy with their services, and do know others who would love them too, why wouldn’t you let them know? But we are all busy these days and forget, so offering a little reminder through incentives does seem to jog your clients memories! Being able to save up rewards towards free treatments creates a sense of momentum too and further entices your clients to promote you. The beauty here is that they’d only promote you if they knew you provided a good service as they wouldn’t want to provide a poor recommendation to a good friend, so it’s a win win situation!

Lot’s of recommendations adds to the engagement of your customers so the shared interests in your services creates a great hive of like minded people.

These are just a few of the ways Trebbly could benefit your salon by keeping your customers happy. If you’d like more information on how easy it is to introduce Trebbly to your team, get in touch here.