Neville Hair and Beauty – The Key To A Successful Client Led Business

Taking a salon from ‘good’ to great isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. But what is that added extra that makes the difference, to take a salon to that next level of success?

Trebbly spoke to Elena Lavagni, founder of Neville Hair and Beauty – one of London’s premier salons in upscale Belgravia, to find out how she keeps her most discerning customers happy (and returning), and discovers the role that the Trebbly client experience brings to her business.

Elena is in no doubt about the keys to her success – her team and her clients.

Interestingly, Elena has a slightly different take on the ‘customer is king’ approach. For her, her team is her number one priority. Why? Because without them, her salon would have no clients. It’s a very valid point, and her extremely high staff retention, in what is a notoriously fickle industry, pays testament to her commitment to building a collaborative team environment.

But let’s not throw our collective hands up in horror just yet – Elena places her customers a very close second in her list of priorities. For her, it’s imperative that she views her business not from her perspective, as a business owner, but from that of her clients. In today’s time-constrained world, that means looking at when, and how her team functions as a business. The customer needs late night appointments? Of course. Early mornings? Absolutely. An express facial or a manicure while her highlights develop? Why not?

While Elena doesn’t believe in discounting her services, adding value is fundamental to how Neville Hair and Beauty operates.

The salon was one of the first to offer an express blow dry service, with flexible, short notice booking and a low price point, because this, for Elena, acts as a way of making the salons’ services available to all, giving her access to a wider customer base. (Even in Belgravia, not everyone chooses to spend hundreds of pounds at each salon visit.) The express blow dry service, coupled with the Trebbly experience, offers Elena and her team the opportunity to begin to build a relationship with new customers from that very first visit, to encourage them to return to Neville Hair and Beauty in the future.

Customer retention is a major contributing factor to the success of Elena’s business.

For the past six months, she has been using Trebbly to help encourage loyalty with her customers and to diversify their experiences with her. At their first visit, customers are given a salon-branded key fob with a QR code, to enable them to register to receive loyalty rewards. Via Trebbly, Elena is able to offer her customers rewards every time they visit her salon, as opposed to an incentive-based on the cash value of the customers spend with her. Giving customers a reward-based system and not just another loyalty scheme is a real benefit to Elena. After all, Elena truly recognises the value in repeat business, not just providing one-off services. “This is what I love – more consistency in appreciating clients,” she says.

Being able to tailor the offers that the salon gives to its’ customers using Trebbly is an opportunity for Elena to introduce customers to a new range of services and products that they may not otherwise experience, via the offers that customers access from the customised app. Not only that, but it also enables a dialogue between Elena and her customers – she welcomes their feedback on which offers they have previously enjoyed or would like to see in the future. “It enables us to have a conversation,” she says.

Taking this feedback on board helps the customers to feel heard, and, ultimately valued, and helps encourage them to build a stronger relationship and affiliation with the salon. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the offers also help to create the ultimate marketing tool – word of mouth referrals, when customers share their positive experiences with their friends and families. “That’s so special. It’s priceless,” says Elena.

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