Learn How To Really Motivate Your Team

Any salon is only as good as it’s team, so it goes without saying that you want to encourage them to be happy and work at their best. It’s easier said than done though as opening the doors to your team can make you feel vulnerable yet closing them completely is a sure fire way to exclude them all.

Ideally, we want our team to think of themselves as part of the business – actually invested in it. If it was their business how would they think? What would they do? Getting them involved on that level opens up a new level of engagement from them, so here are a few pointers on what you can try to increase the levels of motivation in your salon…

Share The Decisions

Telling your team, they’re important and included, but only ever filtering information downwards, is soon going to have them questioning their place within the team. Being part of the team means two-way interaction – being included during decision making affirms that you value their opinion and contribution. Listen to everyone – from the brand-new starters to the old timers, include them all.

Everyone likes to see their ideas come to fruition – it gives them a sense of pride in their work so anything which encourages this is really going to motivate them. They are also the ‘front line’ of your business – they are your market research and are the ones who will know what will work with customers, what they need etc so including them in your business decisions not only makes total business sense but fires them up by helping them realise the value they offer in the team.

Inject A Little Team Spirit

We all know that many brains are better than one. Whether it’s a problem needing a solution, a team incentive where you’re all tasked with a cumulative goal or even just the general ethos within your salon, a group effort will supercharge the team energy.

Client facing work can be really challenging – you only need one or two flat or awkward customers within your day to totally kill your mojo. This is where a strong team comes in – celebrating each other’s wins and looking out for each other during tough times, is what will cement any team. Knowing they have each other’s backs and are part of something bigger than themselves magnifies how they feel and makes them want to share it.

Not only does this benefit your team, but your customers will enjoy being in a salon with such a pleasant atmosphere too.

Treat Everyone As An Individual

This may seem like it’s contradicting the last point but try to take each person on face value. We all have strengths and weaknesses – the weaknesses are where the team spirit helps but it all starts with understanding each other in their own right. Knowing what makes them tick, what they may not be confident about, what they need help with individually or supporting their individual needs allows their strengths to really shine.

When they know they are not only accepted for who they are but are encouraged to embrace it too, they will feel that they have a place where they fit and can really join in. Where possible encourage conversations which explore how each person would approach things – this ties in nicely with encouraging everyone to be part of the decisions. It won’t be long before the natural traits highlight how the individual team members think and what they’re good at, allowing them to play to their strengths.

Training And Creative Inspiration

The last place you want people to be uninspired is a salon. Your customers often want to know what suits them, what trends are, for you to give them ideas that they wouldn’t have naturally thought of and all of this can’t come from nowhere. Encourage conversations on the latest trends, get your team to get customers involved – it all adds to the level of engagement in your salon.

Giving your staff plenty of education and training so they are confident in their skills and ever growing will help them to feel invested in your business and that your salon is the right career choice for them. Updating each other as a team is what will set you apart from other salons, always being on top or ahead of the latest trends. If your team are encouraged to explore and experiment, they’ll attract customers aligned with this – they’ll love being able to stimulate their minds with endless ideas and you can only benefit from that.

Offer Incentives And A Thank You

Okay so this one isn’t rocket science but an old fashioned thank you goes a LONG, long way. Knowing that they are appreciated because you outwardly display it makes a big difference. There are often times within a team where you may need to ask for more than the norm – a team member who knows you are grateful and won’t take advantage will happily go the extra mile for you.

Offering incentives to encourage team productivity and engagement can highlight what works well as well as making work far more fun. Really play with what they enjoy – offer more of what they love and listen to them before then thanking them for what they contribute to the team. Knowing this only makes them want to step up more often and reciprocate the gratitude you feel for what they do.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot for your team to feel united in the parts they all play within your salon. Just a little extra thought could provide far more than going through the motions, making them feel that their job is a place they want to be.

That’s why we created Trebbly too – so that you can let your customers know that you’re always putting the extra thought into making them feel valued and want to offer them the very best experience you can. If you’d like more information on Trebbly and how you can add an extra level of service to your salon, get in touch here.

How To Attract New Staff Members To Your Salon

Ask any customer or salon owner what the secret is behind a thriving salon, and you’ll no doubt get the same response every time. Is it the product company you have opted for? Your amazing range of treatments on offer? Or is it that you offer only the best freshly ground coffee?

No – it’ll be your people. They are what creates the ‘experience’ your customers receive – they are the difference between your customers getting something they love, or just getting something ‘they asked for’. They are the friendly ears that your customers didn’t even realise they needed on a bad day whilst having their hair cut or coloured. They are what keeps your salon on its rails when you’re not looking.

So it goes without saying that you’ll want to create a team which is built upon the ethos you have created.

Here are five pointers to bear in mind when you’re trying to attract your own dream team…

Ignore The Competition

This may seem a trivial point, but you’re never going to be the only salon in town looking for great staff. You can either take the cloak and dagger approach and try to keep it hush-hush – not wanting to give anything away to competitors – or you can go all out proud that you’re expanding your team.

In the same way that you can’t promote to your audience how great your services are, you can’t attract great people by keeping yourself off the local radar. Own it baby! Send a really clear message that you mean business – look at how you can use your recruitment drive to create positive publicity for the salon too, really singing your own praises. Your salon will have qualities which are unique to it – actively promote them so that any prospects with a similar mindset will notice you and want to be a part of it too. Let the competition know that where great jobs are concerned – you’re most definitely the local place to be!

Don’t Focus On Salary

Unless your salaries are far superior to your competitors or industry standards, the wages are rarely the carrot which attracts great people. Focussing on salary attracts people who simply need money – that’s unlikely to be what you’re looking for. The money you’re paid for a salon position isn’t a lure anymore – it’s simply the ‘value exchange’ for the time your staff are giving you. They can get that in any salon.
What you’re looking for are assets to your team so they will want to feel like an asset.

They’ll want to know what your overall package is that will make them feel valued and part of your longer-term plans. If your staff know your overall strategy and what you’re all doing as a team, it encourages loyalty and longevity. That value exchange we mentioned. See your ‘package’ as the exchange, not just the position and salary. If your prospects know that besides their salary they are getting the opportunity to attend education courses, a mentor, that they’ll be a valued part of a team and there are prospects for their future – you’ll get so much more from them too and it will attract those who want more than just a day job.

Be VERY Visible

This runs far deeper than your recruitment drive. We shared last week how to grow your Facebook following and this will play a huge part in how you can attract people. If you are a clear brand, you’ll know what you stand for, how you like to do things, what you’re all aiming for. These are all values which you’ll want your team to be aligned with and they are – quite handily – your qualifying characteristics.

As part of a normal recruitment process, you’ll have criteria which you’ll want your recruits to meet. But it’s not just about you – you can’t call the shots any more as the talent pools are much smaller than they used to be. You need to appeal to THEM and represent something your best staff would be proud to be part of. If you have a clear brand identity, when you’re recruiting it should only need a few minutes on your social media for your potential prospects to get a great idea of what they’ll be part of. They will be able to qualify you as a match for their criteria and if you’ve been showing up online, your visibility will help them decide if they’d like you almost immediately.

Build A Network Of Brand Ambassadors

Adding to the visibility point, one of the key pieces in how your business operates as a whole is your brand identity. This will either attract or repel your team. The very things which fire you up, could send another person running for the hills. Having a team who loves exposure for instance where you enter competitions and have ‘statement’ stylists who turn heads in town with their own distinctive style, is the last place your shy but warm-hearted ‘girl next door’ would want to work.
Conversely, putting a super creative and award-winning stylist who favours hot pink hair and tattoos into a conservative salon is going to be a faux pas of epic proportions. Your brand will do all of the groundwork for you and if done well, will make your recruitment needs much easier. Your existing team and customers will have a very clear idea of who you are so that when you’re looking to add to the team, they’ll know who would be a great fit in their own networks and will be more than happy to fly your flag for you.

A Bird In The Hand…

This may not seem obvious given that we’re discussing how to attract your new prospects BUT the best way to attract new people is to already be a fantastic employer. You’re already a great place to work. Investing in the staff you already have right now, will always be better than having to keep looking for new blood so to speak. Loyalty and longevity are two-way – if you have an expectation of providing a safe place to work with great prospects and awesome training, your staff really won’t want to leave.

If you have a high turnover of staff – we say this with love – but what is missing from your offering? Making sure your staff feel valued and included will be a great advert for your salon. When you’re recruiting, your prospects will want to ask your current team what it’s like to work for you – if you’ve been doing your own job properly you shouldn’t have anything to worry about 😉

Hopefully these pointers have given you a few things to think about, with the main one being that you’re not only attracting when you’re recruiting. You’re always attracting. Whether it’s staff or clients – your values are what they see first in your approach. This is exactly what we’ve built Trebbly based upon too – a simple way of making your customers feel valued and enhancing their enjoyment of their experience with you. If you’d like to know more about introducing Trebbly to your dream team, you can get in touch with our own dream team here.

How To Increase Your Likes On Your Business Facebook Page

The fact that you’re even reading this would indicate that you’re aware of the importance of social media. Who doesn’t dip in and out of it these days to check up on what’s going on in their part of the world? It’s the frequency of this that’s more of an issue now, with people almost being addicted to ‘checking in’.

You’re now in the world’s biggest buying environment ever – people don’t mind you talking about what you do, they don’t even mind you letting them know that you have products they can buy from you.

But overstep the ‘sales mark’ and you risk losing them all. It’s a fine line based on you nurturing an audience who mutually enjoy each other.

If you keep that in mind, you’ll not go far wrong with your marketing. Here are some ways you can build that into collecting more Facebook Likes than ever:

Know Who You Are

This is the biggest piece. It may seem obvious, in that you’re a salon, or a business but that isn’t ever what will lure people in. They’ll like your tastes, your interests, your sense of humour. Really play with your personality. Post comments which give insight as to who you are. As an obvious example, maybe you’re a barber geared more towards a hipster clientele. Posting about the cool music you have in the salon today and engaging your audience in that, would generate surprisingly more engagement than letting them know you have a discount today for instance. Make yourself personally likeable

Know Who You Are Talking To

In the same way that you want to be liked, you want to like them too. If your audience feels that you actually understand them and share their values and inspirations, they’ll feel part of something aligned. They’ll enjoy it and want to continue with that. If you’re not being genuine, it won’t be long before this shows up and the trust in you starts to erode. Their opinion of your Facebook page is part of their opinion of you – be an engaging interactive page and they’ll think that’s the experience they’ll get in person too. Be Authentically Sociable

Be Interactive

If you go into a salon as a client you’ll be welcomed, you’ll be chatted to, you’ll be listened to, you’ll be joked with or pampered – there’ll be an approach that is taken in person. See your Facebook page as the same – after all you are ‘you’ and that’s what your audience and clients love. Really engage with people – like their comments, comment on any achievements people have had. You don’t have to spend all day online, but if people see you are actively taking part, they’ll include you in shares etc too. Genuinely Take Part

Facebook Lives

Jump online to chat to your audience. A word of warning here – don’t go through the motions – it gets noticed. The purpose of a live is to catch up with people, let them ask you questions or share current information. Regular lives can really start to get you noticed as a voice of authority – have themed lives on areas of expertise and it won’t be long before people start checking in. Maybe even ask your valued customers who are happy to be visible online to take part too, with advice sessions etc. Get creative with this and enjoy it. Share Your Expertise & Opinions

Clever Hacks

Let’s not forget that there are ways that you can build on your successes and stand out. The best way to see this is as one HUGE network of aligned people. You’re not trying to collect vanity figures here – you’re trying to build an interested audience who enjoy hearing from you. Build that up and you’ll never need to sell as they’ll want to buy from you.

Use hashtags (yes – even on Facebook) to test what peeps are interested in and see what’s working. Put links to your website in your Social Media content and links to your FB page on your website – tie it all together. Network with other businesses and share their content and work together. Doing all of this regularly will consistently build upon the successes you’ve already enjoyed. Do More Of What Works

Hopefully you can see here that the ultimate aim is to let people see who you are – how knowing you will benefit them. Buying decisions are based on them being able to Know, Like & Trust you so keep that in mind for your Facebook activity and you’ll create a great environment your audience will enjoy.

Notice that there’s not anything different here to how you run your business? That’s our point and that’s why we created Trebbly too as it ties in perfectly with the easy buying environment you’re creating for your customers. Trebbly even helps you to gain Facebook shares in an easy modern digital way.

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Salon

Your first reaction to reading this title will actually be quite a revealing one. If you are on top of everything in your salon, you possibly don’t feel that you have anything to worry about. If you are not quite running the tight ship that you’d like to be, then maybe this heading doesn’t feel too nice to think about.

Here’s why knowing what your customers actually think will not only help you emotionally but will definitely affect your bottom line.

Before we go there though – let’s play a little game, shall we?

Ask yourself “What do I think my customers would give my salon as an overall score out of 10?” and write that score down with a date on it.

Now – back to how being in the know will help your business….

You Will Know Just How Great You Are

If your clients have the ability to be truly honest with you about your services, this insight is information you can put to use. Efficient business growth can happen when you know what you’re doing well and just do more of it.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But working within this remit IS simple – all you need is the information to work out what you’re currently doing well.

Giving your clients an outlet to be honest using Trebbly is powerful for your business. Knowing exactly where you’re providing an outstanding experience for your client is something tangible to work with.

You Will Know Just How Awful You Are

Said with love of course! At the other end of the spectrum of being great, we have that you may be falling far short of what your clients expect from you. You’re probably not remotely awful, but imagine if you were and didn’t know until it’s too late to recover from?

As scary as this may seem, negative feedback is also really powerful and gives you something to work with.

If you give your team regular appraisals, you’ll understand that constructive criticism is needed if staff are going to learn and grow. They actually feel good when they’ve deliberately improved something.

When you have this information in the palm of your hand, you have a true picture of where your business is currently heading and more importantly, what can be improved upon to enhance the overall experience you offer to your clients.

Trebbly Is The Benefit Of Hindsight – You Will Be Given Answers

Being in business is ultimately about finding a need and putting a solution to it. Give enough people exactly what they want, and you have a successful business.

Working out what people want isn’t quite so simple without a vehicle to reliably collect that information though. Guesswork or trial and error are great for minor tweaks, but if they underpin your entire business model, that’s an expensive way of operating.

Having Trebbly on board for your clients to provide honest feedback regularly is worth its weight in gold. If you’re wondering why you have quieter periods, busier periods, why sales dipped, why sales peaked – you won’t need to use Trebbly for long before you spot patterns within the information you have and will know exactly what has impacted on your business.

Your Customers Will Know You Really DO Want The Truth

When your customers see that feedback suggestions are implemented regularly, they will realise you are actually listening to them and that you really do want to know the truth.

There are too many opportunities for people to give feedback for the hell of it now, and it’s quite a hollow experience for all involved. With Trebbly, your clients will understand just how important their feedback is to you.

It is really hard to engage with your clients on a one-to-one level to get the same level of honesty out of them. Most good people don’t like to give negative feedback, so that is one obstacle you are removing by offering them a platform to give feedback which may not always be positive but is definitely needed. Conversely. it’s great to know that when given the opportunity to be brutally honest, your feedback was great so you’re doing something right. You can unashamedly get the Prosecco out!

You Create An Inclusive Experience

When offering a service to your customers, it is really easy for it to become an ‘us and them’ experience. This can make it even trickier to ask for honest feedback or insight as to what your customers love about your services, because it can all feel very contrived.

It’s great to recommend somewhere and see a friend act upon that advice, but when you and your clients see that the regular interaction, they have on their personal Trebbly account is really building up, they will enjoy being an integral part of your success.

It also heightens the ‘what is working well’ message – knowing what your clients are loving and giving them more of it is a recipe for success.

Now you’ve read through those posts, has your score out of 10 changed at all?

More importantly – and we kind of say this with tongue in cheek – how confident are you that your guess is correct? What is it based upon?

If you’d love to be able to confidently score your business based on actual client information, get in touch here to find out more about using Trebbly within your business too.

How To Improve Client Referrals In Just One Day?

How To Improve Client Referrals In Just One Day?

What would you do if you knew that you could get just 10% of your happy customers to refer your services to people, they know, without making them feel obligated or pressurised?

How about if you could encourage all of them to spread the word?

And there’d be absolutely no hard sell – no pushy incentivising which they are quietly tempted to back out of the door from.

One of the main reasons Trebbly was created, was to capitalise on the power of word of mouth – particularly when customers are happy to share the love anyway….

Everyone Of Your Happy Customers Is A Walking Advert…

Unless people specifically ask, it doesn’t always occur to us to share that we had a great service somewhere. Hair and beauty treatments are a slightly different ball game. If your customer has had a great haircut and colour for instance, it’s going to get noticed – it’s visibly obvious. This is such a huge opportunity, but you can’t exactly say to them ‘tell everyone who asks how great we are’ can you??

However,… having a referral scheme where your clients can earn extra treatments for every person who books in using their recommendation, is a far more subtle way of doing the very same thing. Each time they are complimented on their ‘new do’ not only will they feel great at the compliment, but they can share the good feelings by recommending you too and earning a new treat for themselves in the process.

Make It Much Easier To Refer You…

Trebbly makes it so easy to track the referrals your clients are making. If you’re operating a loyalty scheme of any kind, it can become cumbersome to manage if it isn’t done online. You’ll need to use special codes to trace who recommended what product to which client… put end dates on incentives… clients need to bring in cards which need stamping… all of that is far too much to manage easily.

That significantly reduces how successful it will be – even the most enticing of freebies will seem like too much effort for your customers. Trebbly easily keeps track of your customer referrals and lets your customers know exactly how close they are to receiving their chosen free treatments. Once they see how easy it is to get pampered for free, they’ll not stop talking about you!

Start Earning From Day One…

We chose our title for a reason. When you have the protracted loyalty schemes we mentioned, it can seem like an eternity to your clients before they receive any incentives. With Trebbly they will see that they are earning their goodies straight away. Just one referral from them will register on their personal account instantly and they’ll be able to see they’ve earned part of their chosen treatment already.

If you let your clients know this when you first install Trebbly, you could generate some serious activity around your salon and milk the publicity with one big ‘sharefest’. Clients could be discussing all the great free treatments they’re choosing which will create such a fantastic buzz for your salon.

It’s Something Different In More Ways Than One…

Trebbly takes such a different approach to other referral schemes as it is such a personalised platform. Through offering such a highly branded experience and the ability to tailor it to offer all of your products and services, your clients are in no doubt of the quality and range of your salon. But it will also offer a highly personalised service too.

Being able to track all of their own purchases and the rewards they are earning, will make them really feel a part of your brand and happy to help you grow. They’ll love trying new treatments which they may not have tried before instead of ‘more of the same’ incentives which are commonplace in salons. Instead of being offered an 11th free haircut when they buy 10 – which is something they’re already happy to pay for – they can play around with what they can earn and actually feel like they had something different for a change i.e. a treat!

If you’re creative, you can obviously encourage referrals from your clients, but having Trebbly in place will make that process so much easier and more visible. With Trebbly, the more referrals the better for everyone, so if you’d like to look at how to offer Trebbly to your customers too, get in touch here.

How A Client Evening or Soiree Can Grow Your Business and Motivate Your Team

Over the last decade the beauty industry has really exploded. Just a quick walk down any high street will show you a wider selection of barbers, hairdressers and beauty salons than ever before. Being part of such a thriving industry is fantastic, but it does mean that you need to be extra creative on how to stand out in that crowd.

Building a strong business isn’t just about attracting new clientele though is it? It’s also about looking after the existing customer base which have already built up.

Here’s a few pointers on how holding client evenings or soirees can create some real momentum in your business…

Clients Love Exclusivity

We all know those exaggerated movie scenes where you see A-List wannabe’s standing outside events on the red carpet because their name isn’t on the list, but the truth is that everybody likes to be included. Inviting your clients to exclusive events makes them feel valued and special – who wouldn’t want to have their name on a special guestlist? The clever thing here is that by making it clear that there is only a certain amount of people invited, it can create a feeling of scarcity which hugely increases the likelihood of the select few clambering over themselves to accept your invitation. Gotta get on that list darlings!

You Have A Captive Audience In Which To Promote Yourself

Once you have your ‘most valued’ clients in one place, it makes it far easier to engage with them. They are already aware of exactly what your salon is about – they will be familiar with your values and your plans, your USP’s and why they come back to you. Having them all present in one location is almost free licence to discuss with them what plans you have for the future.

You can subtly include clients by having chats with them in a more relaxed and intimate setting than your salon would be in the busy daytime. It makes it much easier to ask if you can rely on their support for your plans over the next year, for instance, if you’ve just spent some time sharing those plans with them in a valued capacity. If you are looking after your clients during this exclusive evening, they really won’t mind you sneaking in a few pitches throughout the night.

You Are Building On Loyalty

When your clients are included in exclusive events, this makes them feel part of something. Giving people the choice of including themselves in anything to do with your business is a silent implication of their loyalty to you. Many people aren’t aware that a smile to somebody is an unspoken communication of resonance with you. Without a single word, two people smiling at each other are simply saying that you have permission to have their attention.

Holding events for your clients, especially if they are held regularly can be a powerful communication of how valuable you are to each other just like those smiles. In one sociable move, you are building up loyalty, resonance and value which are or strong foundations on which to build a client base. Holding regular, well-planned events will further cement this as they’ll love having something to look forward to – this could also be the difference between a potential new customer choosing you over a competitor.

A Client Evening Is Free Exposure

Being part of such an aesthetically motivated industry, you can’t ignore the opportunity for social media exposure. Creating a buzz for your most valued clients to be part of, is only ever going to create a spike of interest on your social media platforms. Just imagine how many selfies your clients are going to be taking at your personalised event if they feel like they are one of the select few who were invited!

Planning ahead too and providing some branded props which your clients can include in their selfies or even giving away free branded products is really going to build up the hype for your salon. Not only will your clients feel valued by attending events like this, but your team will also love being part of one of the ‘salons with something to talk about’ which creates a longer-term sense of loyalty to your salon.

Social Events Cement Your Team

Nobody wants to go to work in a flat environment, and doing the same thing day in, day out isn’t exactly the most exciting of prospects. Holding social events which your team can be part of really creates a sense of unity that you are all working towards something together. Including your team members in the plans and letting them make suggestions or organise it, is a powerful way of letting them know that you are happy to have them there.

You can invoke a sense of trust in them through giving them additional responsibility if this is something they enjoy. Seeing a well-planned event come together and being able to thank the individuals responsible in front of everyone, will really build up their own confidence as well as loyalty towards your salon. They will love the open recognition of what they bring to the table which will really reinforce the strength of the relationships within your team and publicly show you as a thoughtful employer too.

Hopefully you can see how the benefits of getting a little creative with your plans can really strengthen your business. They say actions speak louder than words, so letting your clients know that they are at the forefront of your plans and that you truly value them through holding events especially for them is making a bold statement.

It’s this very ethos which fuelled the creation of Trebbly too. By having a designated interface where you can communicate directly with your individual clients and provide a platform on which they can openly explore and share their experiences of your services, you are making exactly the same client centric statement.

If you’d love to know more about how to transform your clients experience with you, simply get in touch here.

How To Keep Your Regular Clients Happy

When you are in the throes of running a busy salon it can be quite a challenge to actually look up from what you are doing to see the overall impact of what you are creating. We all start with the best of intentions and if you start off on the right footing, it can be quite easy to really build on this momentum.

But we also know that the reality of working in such a client centric environment can bring its own challenges. Overlook just a couple of ongoing niggles and it’s not long before you have some disgruntled customers, and without wanting to spread doom and gloom, we all know what happens when you put one bad apple into a basket of lovely healthy ones!

On the other hand, giving your clients the opportunity to give honest feedback and openly communicate with you, is not only a great way of making them feel valued, but it’s also an ongoing opportunity to find out where there’s room for improvement.

Here’s how Trebbly can help you to keep your valued regulars coming back…

Trebbly Creates A Sense Of Inclusion

Our blog next week will talk about how valuable it can be to your salon’s reputation to hold client evenings and promote them well. Trebbly is a mini version of this as having the Trebbly interface in place is a clear indicator that you want your clients to be able to share their thoughts and suggestions. It’s like the modern day suggestion box where your clients feel really listened to.

Offering Trebbly to your clients every time they visit you is like a meeting of two minds. You are letting your clients know that you are actively encouraging them to be a part of the overall ethos of your business and genuinely want to know what they’d love to see more of in the services you offer. Imagine your clients coming into your salon to see you’ve implemented one or two of their suggestions – they’ll absolutely love being valued as well as being able to take credit for the idea.

Trebbly Keeps Your Clients In The Loop

Going back to how busy we all are running our salons, if you don’t have any extra time within your appointments to really chat to your clients, you are missing opportunities to keep them up-to-date on new services or products which you have. These are missed sales opportunities and let’s be honest – if you are running a busy salon this is likely to be the case.

It’s easy to say that you have a captive audience while your client is sitting in the chair having their hair styled for instance, but it isn’t good etiquette to be pitching to a client who can’t go anywhere. Having your full catalogue of new and existing products within Trebbly as well as any events or promotions which are coming up, means that your customers can check it all out at their own leisure. This also means you can focus purely on looking after your clients in the hot seat, instead of kicking yourself that you forgot to invite them to an upcoming event you’d love them to attend!

Trebbly Increases Sales Because You KNOW Your Clients Want The Products

We covered that Trebbly keeps your clients in the loop on what is coming up in your business as it’s a great way of sharing anything you wish them to know about. Our days absolutely disappear on us in a busy business, so this is a useful way of making sure that you know your clients are always informed of any improvements or services which you offer. You can let them know of changes you’re making especially if they have been requested by your clients.

Where this converts well though, is that we all know the upsell is a valuable part of your bottom line so this is a really powerful way of boosting your revenue. Giving clients the chance to really explore the products you have and actively ask for anything they can’t currently see on offer, is a great way of seeing what’s actually popular. Removing the guesswork from the upsell will directly impact on how well your additional products and services are selling and putting the power into your customers hands is the only way to execute this really well.

Trebbly Is An Extremely Visible Thank You

In a world where reviews and feedback are almost mined from a business point of view, we felt that this was totally skewed and wanted to flip it around. A key factor in Trebbly being created, was that it’s all about letting the client feel as important to you as they are. If you enjoy your clients, you honestly want them to love how your service made them feel and not because you want their shiny five stars.

If clients are actively recommending your services, you’ll want to acknowledge this, say thank you, encourage it – but all genuinely. And no pun intended but we felt that offering a free 6th haircut for this doesn’t make the cut! Actively encouraging a new experience with you such as trying a new treatment, will feel like it actually reflects the thank you you’re giving to them and rewarding your customers for referrals very visibly. How amazing will they feel when they’ve had a fab new treatment on the house?? It’s a very different place to just handing them a freebie that’s for sure!

Trebbly Creates A Sense Of Community

Knowing that they are encouraged to share your services with their friends and peers and earn their own rewards as a thank you, is a powerful motivator in clients talking about you. It’s quite tricky (aka impossible!) to carry off saying to a client ‘don’t forget to tell absolutely everyone who might like our services all about us’ without sounding needy! But this is ultimately what we all want.

If your clients are happy with their services, and do know others who would love them too, why wouldn’t you let them know? But we are all busy these days and forget, so offering a little reminder through incentives does seem to jog your clients memories! Being able to save up rewards towards free treatments creates a sense of momentum too and further entices your clients to promote you. The beauty here is that they’d only promote you if they knew you provided a good service as they wouldn’t want to provide a poor recommendation to a good friend, so it’s a win win situation!

Lot’s of recommendations adds to the engagement of your customers so the shared interests in your services creates a great hive of like minded people.

These are just a few of the ways Trebbly could benefit your salon by keeping your customers happy. If you’d like more information on how easy it is to introduce Trebbly to your team, get in touch here.