How Your Customers Hold The Key To Business Growth


The customer has always been right in the eyes of a business and in the highly visible world that social media and the internet have created, it’s even more crucial that we embrace this.

But how do we know what the providers of our livelihood want?

If we’re always aiming to please and delight our customers, the key is to let them know just how valued they are. But to do this, we need to know what they ultimately want – right?

  • Offering discounts to customers who are more interested in a personal service will fall on deaf ears.
  • Spending extra time or emotional investment on a customer who ultimately wants a financial benefit will reap zero rewards.
  • Investment in super sleek premises and decor will be totally ignored by a fair chunk of your more ‘personal touch’ based clientele.

Any business knows that we are essentially here to find out what our customers like – and do more of it. Simple!

So here’s a few suggestions on how knowing more than your customers’ name and spend will provide a really strong foundation for your business structure:

Invest In New Products Confidently

In the fast paced environment we’re in, new products are always being launched and developed. Knowing which ones are popular rather than using guesswork will really enhance an additional revenue stream which is often far under utilised. Not only will your customers be happy that you have a range they’re actually interested in, but if you can using a personal language such as ‘I knew you liked XYZ so I’ve ordered this product in for you too’ really speaks to them as a person too.

Create A Happier Team 

Whilst the focus here is on the client, let’s not forget the cornerstones of your business – your team members. Coming to work knowing they can look forward to a customer centric experience and play their part in providing what customers want, is a very different place to a customer conveyor belt. If your team know what your customers want, they’ll love the feeling of providing that. They’ll feel as valued as your customers do, which will in turn bring the customers running back time and time again – probably asking for specific team members too – let’s share that love!

Customer Insight

This is one of the biggies – feedback. Not wanting to sound gloomy but it’s what will make or break your business – get it right and you’re literally smiling with them – all the way to the bank. Get it wrong and your business is in a whole heap of firefighting.

There’s more to it than just asking your clients if they’re happy with their re-style today though. We’re a very polite nation! If we ask customers face to face for feedback, it may well be a pleasant experience but it’s unlikely to show where you can tweak or improve your offering. Providing an outlet which encourages customers to provide honest feedback is essential if we want the truth.

Customer Referrals

Imagine that for every happy client you have, another one magically appears. How amazing would that be? And more to the point, how much easier would that make the growth of your business? It would definitely take the bulk of legwork out of your marketing activity too and let’s face it – that’s always a bonus!

Encouraging or incentivising your customers to share their experience with others and recommend you is the best way of capitalising on all your hard work. If you’ve gone to all the effort of making sure your customers feel like they’re the best customer in the world, it’s only fair that they share how fabulous you are 😉

These all make it sound so easy to run your salon don’t they? But we all know the reality is that you’re often spinning lots of plates, so to stop any of them to pick your customers brains isn’t realistic.

It’s for this very reason that Trebbly exists. By having a designated terminal just for them, it focuses purely on your customer sharing their thoughts on their experience with you without feeling awkward when you ask them directly!

You can find out more here on how you can add Trebbly to your business.

Loving Client Loyalty

Thanks for stopping by!

It’s great to hear you are loving client loyalty as much as we do. At Trebbly, your customer is our priority. We know that by investing into the overall experience you can increase client loyalty to your brand and build a busier business.

Dont just take our word for it

We recently spoke to Gavin Hoare, Salon Manager at the wonderful Richard Ward. Gavin agrees entirely that more needs to be done to invest into the customer experience.

Over the last 10 years there has been a shift in the client expectation of what they want a salon visit to be; we live in a time where technical excellence is better than at any other time in the past, so it has to be about something more, more than a great cut, colour or finish.

Looking at ways of rewarding our clients for their loyalty goes a long way in securing their ongoing future business; with this in mind, I am always looking for forward thinking and innovative ways to do just this, so partnering up with Trebbly really took very little consideration on our part.

Here’s a short video showing what other salons are doing to surprise and delight their customers.

Now share your views. And earn £50 (yes, fifty pounds)..

We are super interested to hear about the different ways you are looking after customers. Simply share with us your successes and we will email you a £50 thank you as credit toward the setup fee of a our Loyalty & Marketing plan.

Tell us what your customers love…

Think your customers would love it too? Contact us to find out how we can help your business with a bit of loyalty love.

5 fantastic email marketing ideas to help you fill your salon whilst maintaining average spend

There’s never a better time to start communicating with your customers and encouraging visits than now.

You may see a ton of cut-price deals and discounts, but our philosophy is that you should not be sacrificing spend to draw in the crowds. It’ll be something different, varied and interesting that catches the eye of your clients.

To help with a little inspiration, our team have put together a selection of tried and tested email marketing strategies. What will you prepare?

Utilise all staff members

By featuring a junior or trainee staff member you are able to ensure your whole team is busy (and learning) whilst offering treatments at eye catching price points, helping to build column utilisation.

This is also a great way to encourage new customers, furthered by including a “bring a friend” addition to the offer, or even a family member.

Then, once through the door you can deploy up-sell or cross-sell techniques to increase spend.

Offer affordable choice

Choice is good and when its affordable, even better.  Using a range of your lower priced items can catch the eye of the price conscious customer, whilst encouraging multiple sales to maintain spend.

Whether it’s a list of everyday treatments or the option to create your own personal package, clients will be attracted to the choice.  We have found that ‘pick n mix’ options have been very successful in the past.

Bunching together items feels good value for the customer and helps you up the average overall spend. It also gives you the opportunity introduce new treatments to clients.

Shout about the quiet days

If Tuesdays are quiet for you then let’s spread the word!  Customers love a deal this time of year, and if you have to discount, let’s make it a win-win and focus attention on the days you have available time.

Having a strategy of increasing the utilisation of your columns is a key priority in every season. So, get creative, build a tempting offer, and narrow the availability to when it suits you most. This helps you to keep free your busy days for normal trading and expand your revenue earning potential with no risk.

Try a different angle

Creating value rather than discounting is a hugely successful method to attract customers whilst maintaining revenues. In a slower season for example occupancy is traditionally lower and your time becomes available. Use it wisely!

Adding an additional treatment at a discounted price is a good way to increase overall spend per customer. And focussing on the duration of the treatment rather than the price gives an enhanced perception of value, making the offer look fresh and new. 

Such promotions can be allocated to certain time periods when the salon is quieter, filling your time and protecting spend.  

Happy hour all round

It’ll be something interesting and varied that catches the eye. With this idea, a salon ‘happy hour’ has a fun-factor and opens up a huge opportunity to engage with your customers, and for you to be creative.

Why not add a ‘slice of cake’ with your treatment during our happy hour this month, or a smoothie from that popular juice bar around the corner every Tuesday in Feb 3-4pm.

The focus here is enhancing your clients experience whilst in salon.  We all like to feel a little special & quite often it’s the personnel touches that get people talking.  Pop some pics on your social media streams & get people sharing the reasons why they come back to you.



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Follow our marketing tips on how to make this Easter the busiest yet for your salon.

Easter Bundles

We know clients are looking to book treatments this Easter so let’s make it as easy and time efficient for them as possible.
Bundle together some firm favourites in a neat, time affective package.  Show savings where possible but more importantly highlight possible upgrades choices:

Ready to bare – Full leg wax, underarm wax & eyebrow wax. 
Ready to bare plus – as above with a full body spray tan.

Top to toe – Eyebrow & full leg wax, eyelash tint. 
Top to toe plus – as above with an eyelash lift.

Courses of treatments

With Summer days on the horizon now is a great time to tempt clients into purchasing courses of treatments.  This is a big investment for some so the more information you have on the product the better.  Use client reviews, before and after pics and of course highlight long term benefits.

Excellent examples of this are CACI facials & laser hair removal.
Book 9 CACI facials and receive the 10th for free.
Buy 4 large area laser hair removal sessions – get a small area session for free.

Daring to bare!

Holidaying overseas at Easter may be the first time since last summer that some clients have been in beach wear.  Time to promote some feel-good treatments.
Think of this as an upgrade angle – most holidaying clients will have their wax booked in but did they realise you also offer a body wrap inch loss treatment or a light spray tan to take the edge off the first few pool days.

Chocolate, anyone

An Easter present that won’t affect the scales!  What could be more perfect.
We know antioxidants are good for the skin & that cocoa butter is highly moisturising!  This makes Easter the perfect time to promote your chocolatey based treatments from facials to body wraps!  

An ideal Easter package maybe with a complimentary hot chocolate too!

Happy Easter

Just like Christmas, Easter is a great excuse to get in touch with your clients & wish them a happy holiday.  
Perhaps include a 10% off voucher for late April to keep the busy salon momentum going.

Preparation is key

We know you are going to be busy this Easter but do your clients.  Contact us to send out a quick email highlighting your opening hours over the long weekend and reminding people to get in quick!



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4 fabulous salon marketing treats for you and your customers this Mothers’ Day

Did you know a whopping 60% of individuals in the UK celebrate Mother’s Day? Even with the horrendous weather we endured last March total retail sales still reached £1.4 billion!

And guess what? Gift cards and salon treatments are top choices. And with an average spend of £58, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity make a few extra sales for your business, without the need for cuts and discounts.

Here are 5 fabulous salon marketing treats put together by our team, for you and your customers this Mothers’ Day.

Luxurious packages

There’s no more fabulous time to promote your most indulgent treatments. Clients are looking for that perfect gift and have the budget to spend.   So, take advantage by showcasing your top treatments, and money earners! Not only will you attract customers, you’ll notch up average spend at the same time. Plus, it’s a great way to show off your brand and open the eyes of your customers to your full range.

Mother & Daughter

A mother & daughter package is just perfect for Mother’s Day.  Especially if Mum or daughter (or both!), are new customers for you. Create a tempting package by including a couple of best-selling treatments. Then, add in a service you would like to promote.  Encouraging clients to try something new will lead to them re-booking that very treatment. Maybe add a mini upgrade option too, polish to gel nails or glass of bubbly on the day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards feature high on the most wanted list at Mother’s Day. And what better way to introduce a new customer to your business, whilst attracting sales at the same time. They are a lovely touch too.  Package them up beautifully & maybe offer a small box of chocolates as a little extra temptation. You could even pop in a note offering a small % off future treatments on your most quiet days next month. Gift cards are easily purchased online from companies for a small cost, like these from the Plastic Card people.

Spa at Home

Package up your product and present as a beautiful ‘mini spa at home’ treat for Mother’s Day. Package beautifully and display prominently to attract the eye of your customers, and passers-by. You’ll guarantee sales of profitable items. And perhaps pick a theme and include a voucher for an in-salon treatment too, to extend the possibility of future sales.  For example, hand products with a manicure voucher or body products with a back massage voucher.



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Drive sales for your salon this Valentines with these 3 sweet tips sure to spice up your marketing

Valentines brings great opportunities for you and all your clients.

It’s a fact that hair & beauty treatments come high on the list of most the wanted Valentines presents.  Your customers will also put a lot of effort into looking just right for the big night.

So, share the love this Valentines, & drive sales for your business, with these 3 sweet tips sure to spice up your marketing.

1. Target the “Gifter” & gain a new customer or two

This is a fantastic time to gain new customers and one great way is by attracting the gifter! Do you sell gift cards, well you should! And what better way to introduce a new customer than via your existing client base?

It really cannot be simpler. Utilise your relationship with your customers and promote your gift cards during every appointment in the run up to the 14th. You’ll be surprised at the take-up.

Another great way to promote your gift cards is via one of your most valuable marketing assets’ – your salon window. Promoting salon vouchers this Valentines via your window or billboard attracts interest from passing footfall & creates a focal point in your salon.

2. Say “thank you” to your most loyal clients and generate additional sales

In our search for new customers and increased footfall, our most loyal customers can often be overlooked.  At the heart of every successful salon are those clients who are as regular as clockwork. So what better time to say “thank you” than at Valentines.

With that in mind, take your most valued, regular clients and offer a treat. This could be an additional treatment or product, discount or freebie. But importantly, skew to a time that suits you, or make it a cross-sell to introduce a new service, to guarantee additional sales and positive impact to revenues.

And do make it personal! Take the time to contact each one individually, and offer that special touch, and thank for their continued loyalty. You’ll end up being the one that’s rewarded.

3. Packages to fit the bill and drive increased average spend

This February, it’s hard not to notice all the big supermarkets offering ‘meal deals’ specific to Valentines.  They offer the customer variety, choice and an attractive price point. What’s not to like!

This is a ‘win-win’ scenario; the customer feels they have gained value, and the supermarket has managed to not only attract a customer, but also to sell multiple product at a higher than usual average price.

Can you create an equally tempting Valentines package for your customers? Pitch it so that you sell 2 or 3 items together at an attractive total sale price, discounting as your margins allow.

And get creative! It doesn’t have to be made up from your traditional treatment or product range. Include a bottle of Fizz, chocolates even, or a special Valentines treatment.



Let us create a bespoke email template just for you!
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