Is this a loyalty app?

Trebbly is beyond a loyalty scheme. Clients do enjoy rewards for the business they do with you. We’re developing ways of connecting your customers, suppliers and you in exciting ways that all parties will love. You can access your Trebbly profile directly from the iPad installed at your reception desk.

Will this interfere with the day to day of my team? Do I have to make time for more training?

The Trebbly team will help you to get properly set up. It’s easy to use, and once your customer has registered, they will largely manage their profile. It should help to lighten the sales pressure.

Do I need to discount?

The Trebbly team will help you to think of creative ways to reward your customers and excite them about what you offer. We prefer if you add value rather than increase discounts.

We’re busy and not looking for leads

Trebbly helps you to develop the relationship with your existing clients - the happier they are, the more appointments they will book, and the more referrals you’ll get to keep you in business. We like to help to make that easier for you.

We already have marketing software

Trebbly can help you to have something fun to communicate through your marketing software. We have no intention of replacing what is working for you, but to rather help you to use them to maximum effect.

Clients don’t want another app

It’s beneficial to install the app on their own mobile device, but it’s not necessary to enjoy Trebbly benefits, which can be accessed from the iPad in your place of business.

I haven’t got time to set this up

The Trebbly team will help you to hit the ground running. How do I know this will give me a return?

Set up Trebbly to aim for the returns you would like to measure - like more client happiness, increased recommendations, engagement, feedback, revenue, repeat visits, range of products and services purchased per customers. How you measure return is specific to your business preference.

Can we help you with some creative ideas to use Trebbly in your business? Request a call back to chat our team.