Trebbly: More than rewarding.


Outstanding Experiences

Go beyond the average loyalty programme and avoid discounting to get business. With a little creativity, we can create a start-to-finish experience that opens up opportunities to do more for your client.

Trebbly is easy to use, easy to set up and works with or alongside any software that makes your business run.


With Trebbly in your business:

  1. You’ll delight your clients with discovery of products and services as rewards for the business you do together;

  2. You’ll open the door to exciting revenue opportunities to grow or increase the business you are doing;

  3. You’ll put the digital world to work for you.


What does Trebbly do for you and your clients?

  1. It’s easy and pleasurable for your clients to know what you can do for them, as they discover your products and services.

  2. Go beyond old-school loyalty by rewarding their support of your business with access to special items or exclusives you select to include as rewards.

  3. Connect the client’s experience - from the welcome while they wait for their appointment, to their social circles, and to you between appointments. Get new recommendations and reasons to return.

  4. Make digital work for you - connect the online world and your place of business, while your client interacts and manages their experience.

  5. Create a potential source of new revenue from products and services you highlight. We’ll set everything up to be branded and unique to you.

  6. A new way of inspiring sales will take the pressure off traditional sales requirements, and leave your team to do what they do best.


How easy is it to set up Trebbly?

  1. One of our team will meet with you to set up your contract.

  2. We order your start up pack, including key tags with your bespoke branding.

  3. Once the pack is ready, we complete the setup in person, including picking the discoveries you’ll set up to reward your clients.

  4. Our customer service team is available to help you with any day to day issues if they arise.

  5. Your clients register their profile, and largely self manage their interaction to earn points and claim rewards.

How easy is it to set up Trebbly?

Can we help you with some creative ideas to use Trebbly in your business?