What Your Customers Really Think About Your Salon

What Your Customers Really Think About Your Salon

Your first reaction to reading this title will actually be quite a revealing one. If you are on top of everything in your salon, you possibly don't feel that you have anything to worry about. If you are not quite running the tight ship that you’d like to be, then maybe this heading doesn't feel too nice to think about.

Here's why knowing what your customers actually think will not only help you emotionally but will definitely affect your bottom line.

Before we go there though - let's play a little game, shall we?

Ask yourself “What do I think my customers would give my salon as an overall score out of 10?” and write that score down with a date on it.

Now - back to how being in the know will help your business….

You Will Know Just How Great You Are

If your clients have the ability to be truly honest with you about your services, this insight is information you can put to use. Efficient business growth can happen when you know what you’re doing well and just do more of it.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? But working within this remit IS simple - all you need is the information to work out what you’re currently doing well.

Giving your clients an outlet to be honest using Trebbly is powerful for your business. Knowing exactly where you’re providing an outstanding experience for your client is something tangible to work with.

You Will Know Just How Awful You Are

Said with love of course! At the other end of the spectrum of being great, we have that you may be falling far short of what your clients expect from you. You’re probably not remotely awful, but imagine if you were and didn’t know until it’s too late to recover from?

As scary as this may seem, negative feedback is also really powerful and gives you something to work with.

If you give your team regular appraisals, you’ll understand that constructive criticism is needed if staff are going to learn and grow. They actually feel good when they’ve deliberately improved something.

When you have this information in the palm of your hand, you have a true picture of where your business is currently heading and more importantly, what can be improved upon to enhance the overall experience you offer to your clients.

Trebbly Is The Benefit Of Hindsight - You Will Be Given Answers

Being in business is ultimately about finding a need and putting a solution to it. Give enough people exactly what they want, and you have a successful business.

Working out what people want isn’t quite so simple without a vehicle to reliably collect that information though. Guesswork or trial and error are great for minor tweaks, but if they underpin your entire business model, that’s an expensive way of operating.

Having Trebbly on board for your clients to provide honest feedback regularly is worth its weight in gold. If you’re wondering why you have quieter periods, busier periods, why sales dipped, why sales peaked - you won’t need to use Trebbly for long before you spot patterns within the information you have and will know exactly what has impacted on your business.

Your Customers Will Know You Really DO Want The Truth

When your customers see that feedback suggestions are implemented regularly, they will realise you are actually listening to them and that you really do want to know the truth.

There are too many opportunities for people to give feedback for the hell of it now, and it's quite a hollow experience for all involved. With Trebbly, your clients will understand just how important their feedback is to you.

It is really hard to engage with your clients on a one-to-one level to get the same level of honesty out of them. Most good people don't like to give negative feedback, so that is one obstacle you are removing by offering them a platform to give feedback which may not always be positive but is definitely needed. Conversely. it’s great to know that when given the opportunity to be brutally honest, your feedback was great so you’re doing something right. You can unashamedly get the Prosecco out!

You Create An Inclusive Experience

When offering a service to your customers, it is really easy for it to become an ‘us and them’ experience. This can make it even trickier to ask for honest feedback or insight as to what your customers love about your services, because it can all feel very contrived.

It’s great to recommend somewhere and see a friend act upon that advice, but when you and your clients see that the regular interaction, they have on their personal Trebbly account is really building up, they will enjoy being an integral part of your success.

It also heightens the ‘what is working well’ message - knowing what your clients are loving and giving them more of it is a recipe for success.

Now you’ve read through those posts, has your score out of 10 changed at all?

More importantly - and we kind of say this with tongue in cheek - how confident are you that your guess is correct? What is it based upon?

If you’d love to be able to confidently score your business based on actual client information, get in touch here to find out more about using Trebbly within your business too.

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