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Your Hair Can Have A Free Detox.

We often hear about the importance of detoxifying our bodies, but we rarely consider doing the same for our hair. Every day, our hair accumulates various unpleasant substances, such as product buildup, oil, pollutants, medication, and more. Regular shampooing alone is not enough to eliminate these unwanted elements.

That's where Olaplex Chelating Treatment comes in. This fantastic treatment goes deep into your hair and effectively removes all the nasty stuff. In just 15 minutes, your hair will feel rejuvenated and revitalized, as if it has never experienced any of these issues.

And here's the best part: you can get this incredible treatment for usually £15 but you can get it FREE with just 40 points. So why not give your hair the detox it deserves? Try Olaplex Chelating Treatment the next time you come to the salon and experience the remarkable difference it can make.

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